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Allergan Business Centre

The Allergan Business Centre is part of the Allergan Medical Institute and is dedicated to providing practical business insights to medical aesthetic clinics by delivering progressive training and education to clinicians, practice staff and management teams.

We deliver business advice through;

  • Business Workshops, meetings and events held all over the UK & Ireland. 
  • Individual one-to-one meetings with one of our Business Consultants.

With more than 70 consultants worldwide, our goal is to help you maximise the opportunities within you practice through providing high quality business mentoring support.

This resource contains only business materials designed to support your practice. If you are looking for Allergan Product Information please visit the Allergan Website or contact your local product specialist.

This resource is available for healthcare professionals, managers, owners and staff who practice within the medical aesthetics sector. For UK residents only.


The Allergan Business Consulting Workshop Program

How can you attract the right type of patients to your practice in the future? How can you deliver a 5 star patient experience and significantly stand out in a crowded marketplace? How can you substantially grow your practice and strengthen your practice brand without investing substantial amounts of money?

Follow these 5 easy steps to success.

  1. Prioritise your number 1 core business goal for this year
  2. Review the Allergan’s workshop program
  3. Click on the workshop description and learning outcomes
  4. Discuss with your wider team
  5. Secure your booking for you and the team TODAY

All workshops are delivered at convenient times, in easy access locations across 6 main cities.


Learning Centre

Opportunities At Client Check Out

Don’t miss those simple opportunities to delight clients and go beyond their expectations! It’s easy to think that once a client has been into your clinic and is about to leave, it all over. Well think again. This short video series explores the opportunities that exist at the ‘Check-Out’ stage which can maximise client satisfaction as well as helping

Decoding the Patient Consultation in 7 Steps – 5 Part Series

Delivering a superb consultation is no accident – learn the secret to crafting a winning, patient-centric consultation. Successful relationships with customers occur as a result of great connections in consultation, and great connections do not happen by accident – they are carefully crafted and expertly delivered.

Attracting New Patients – Basic Digital Marketing – Part 1

Every clinic wants to attract new patients !!  The question is how best to do this? This 3 part video series looks at the principles of attracting new patients through Digital Marketing, Social Media and Clinic Events. Part 1 Covers:  – Basic Website Design  – The Importance Of Mobile Devices. This non-technical guide will help you get started and

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